How to win at blackjack consistently and make really good money on the game

How to win at blackjack is the first question that most beginners usually want to find out before taking a risk with real money. Blackjack is a simple game with simple rules, but this deceptive simplicity hides a lot of complexity. There are no guaranteed tactics for success in blackjack, as in all other gambling games – you just need to devote a lot of time to practice and constantly master your own skills and strategies. Like many other casino games, online blackjack is a game based on mathematical probabilities. If you take the game seriously, use effective strategies and not lose your head, as blackjack is perhaps the perfect option for making money at the casino.

The ways to win at blackjack consistently without card counting

Everyone dreams of getting the working tactics on how to win at blackjack consistently but the truth is that there is no way to get a 100% guarantee of winning. A lot of gamblers consider counting cads the best tactics, but even this cannot lead to constant success. Blackjack is an intellectual game where the decisions made by the player are of paramount importance, so it would be very useful for you to get familiar with some working tips on how to win blackjack at casino without the card counting:

  1. Always split pairs of eights and aces if the rules of the game allow;
  2. Never split pairs of cards worth ten points;
  3. Always stop if your hand is 17 points or more;
  4. Never make an insurance bet because the casino advantage will be several times higher;
  5. Always draw cards if your hand is worth 11 points or less.

In addition to individual playing skills, there is another important factor that affects everything in life including the results in blackjack. This is your attitude to the game: in order to make money, in any gambling game, you must always remain calm and calculate your chances of winning in every situation.

The best strategies to win big in online blackjack with live dealer

How to win at blackjack with a live dealer interests most of the gamblers around the world. Online blackjack with a live dealer is very demanded as it is not regulated by a computer program with a built-in random number generator, but by a professional croupier who is sitting in a casino-style studio and organizes the entire process of the game. You can play live blackjack right from the comfort of your own home and at the same time, you will enjoy communicating with a professional dealer and other real players. But, as you just took a decision to try this kind of game, you need to know for sure how to win online blackjack with a live dealer, and below there are some good strategies and tactics that will help you to win big:

  • The Basic Blackjack Strategy: offers a special table that comes down to making a decision based on your hand, as well as the hand of the dealer. Guided by the table, you make a decision about your further actions;
  • Card Counting System: is used to determine if the next card will be beneficial to the dealer or the player and based on high, medium, and low-value card counting to make better decisions;
  • Shuffle Tracking: is another blackjack system used in card counting. The purpose of the method is to keep track of individual cards and their shuffling sequence;
  • The Ace Sequencing Strategy – is another form of shuffle tracking which means to keep track of aces and the areas next to them. The main idea is to increase your bet when the ace comes, hoping for blackjack.

The main advantage of the live blackjack is its reliability as you can control every move of the dealer. You can see the decks of cards being shuffled and sent to the shoe. This provides a sense of security that you only get in real casinos. Plus, by applying one of the strategies above, you will get a chance to make good money and beat all your opponents.


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