How to Play Blackjack: Basic Rules and Strategies from Pro Players

Blackjack is a classic casino game that can be played at most modern gambling houses. You are playing against the dealer and you need to make a hand as close to 21 as possible. If you hit over 21, you will lose. Sounds easy? That is the beauty of blackjack. Let’s dee how to play blackjack like a pro.

How to Play an Online Blackjack Card Game at Home

Your hand value is the total value of the cards in your hand. The values of the points of each card: from two to ten – from 2 to 10, respectively, for an ace – 1 or 11 (11 while the total amount is not more than 21, then 1), king, queen, jack – 10 points.

How to play blackjack at home? The game starts with placing a bet. You will then be dealt two cards face up. Your options for action:

  • If you need another card that will help you get closer to 21, click on “Draw”;
  • To save the cards as they are, click on “Skip”;
  • To get another card and double your bet, click “Double”;
  • To split a pair, click “Split” and receive a card from each of the split cards. After that, you can choose “Move” or “Skip” for each of the cards.

If you get an ace and 10 as your first cards, you get blackjack. This hand wins automatically unless the dealer gets the same hand. In this case, a draw is declared and no prizes are awarded to anyone.

Casinos offer 4 types of blackjack: blackjack – one player; blackjack – one player and several hands; multiplayer multi-hand blackjack and mini blackjack.

This is the basics of blackjack. If you want to know more about blackjack, read below. But of course, the best way is to sit down at the table and play a game.

How to Play Casino Blackjack Like A Pro – Winning Strategies

Let’s highlight some crucial strategies to play blackjack like a professor.

  1. Resplit. Most casinos allow you to resplit after splitting the hand if the player again receives cards of the same value. Some casinos limit the total number of splits (for example, up to 4 hands are allowed), other casinos allow an infinite number of splits. Generally, the more resplits are allowed, the less advantage casino has.
  2. Soft 17. All blackjack variants have a fixed set of rules that restrict the dealer’s actions. One of the key points is whether the dealer can take a card with a soft hand of 17 points. The answer to this question in no way depends on the dealer’s wishes. The dealer will do what the rules of the game dictate. And if he is forced to stop, then the casino edge is reduced by about 0.2%.
  3. Late surrender. That rule allows the player to refuse to continue the game if he believes that he is doomed to defeat. By deciding to use the late surrender rule, the player automatically loses half of his bet. This rule is beneficial for the player as it reduces the house edge by 0.1%.
  4. Allowing doubling rates after a split. In most games, doubling is not allowed after splitting as the house edge is reduced by 0.12%.

Resplit aces and an additional card after resplit. In most variations of blackjack, players are not allowed to resplit aces after that draw another extra card. However, if these actions are allowed, then the game becomes even more favorable for the players. Permission to take an additional card after the resplit of aces reduces the house edge by 0.1%, and the permission of the resplit itself takes another 0.03% of the advantage.

That is how to play blackjack online in any modern casino to get your 21 in this classy card game.


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