Blackjack odds of winning: how to beat the dealer


Blackjack is a simple card game, where your goal is to get a better card combination. You can learn the basic rules in just 5 minutes and start gambling online. Still, it takes a lot of time to understand how the game really works, including blackjack odds, rules variations, and all the math that stands behind it. This guide will explain to you how to increase your chances of winning the hand. We’ll also tell you about blackjack games with the best possible odds.

Odds of winning blackjack – strategy and odds calculator

The first thing you should know is that your strategy will depend on rules much. You can’t apply the same approach to all the variations without even minor alterations. One of the most efficient methods to reduce the house edge and increase your winning probability is a basic strategy. Here’s what you should know about it:

  1. This strategy is based on calculations that were made to determine the best decision for any type of player’s and dealer’s card hand.
  2. Basic strategy is represented by a few spreadsheets where you can see when you should hit, split, double, stand, or surrender.
  3. It allows you to maximize your blackjack odds of winning.
  4. The spreadsheets will be different for different rules and game variations.
  5. Basic strategy doesn’t guarantee a win, and no other method does. It only reduces the house edge to give you better odds.

If you want to know what is a winning probability for a particular player’s and dealer’s card hands, you can use a blackjack odds calculator. This tool will show you, which decision you should make to maximize your chances of winning the round. The first thing you should do is to enter the initial information about the game rules, including the number of decks being used, the ability to double down, the dealer’s decision on soft 17, etc. Then choose the dealer’s face-up card and 2 player’s cards. After that, just click on calculate. You’ll see how a certain decision (hit, stand, double, surrender, or split) affects your chances of winning the hand. This might be helpful when you play blackjack online and you need to know what move promises the best possible result.

Best blackjack odds at a Vegas casino

Different blackjack games have different odds. The most favorable to players are the ones that have the lowest house edge, which also means they have the highest RTP level. They’re:

  • American Blackjack – 0.48%;
  • Atlantic City Blackjack – 0.36%;
  • Classic Blackjack – 0.40%;
  • Vegas Strip – 0.35%;
  • Super 7 – 0.46%;
  • Progressive Blackjack – 0.43%.

Note that each type of blackjack may have rule variations too. So, the house edge may be different for different rules. Your goal is to choose the game that is the most favorable for players in terms of the number of decks, the ability to split hands several times, payouts level, etc.


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